Poured-in-place, seamless rubber safety surfacing provides non-slip footing for playgrounds, spraygrounds, pool decks, walkways, running tracks, and other athletic surfaces. Combines SBR recycled rubber with polyure-thane binder that is hand-troweled over a prepared substrate to create the cushioned base. Achieves different fall-height requirements by varying thickness of base. After base cures, EPDM rubber granules mixed with aromatic or aliphatic (non-ambering) binder are layered evenly over the top, creating the seamless wearing surface. Finished surface is clean, self-contained with no loose particles, and porous to drain quickly without puddling. Fire resistant and low maintenance. Tested to ASTM standards for shock attenuation, flammability, non-slip, and coefficient of friction. Also ADA-compliant. Select from 15 solid colors or any combination of colors for a customized, textured look.

DuraPlay, Inc., Wimberley, TX