Sharbade consists of a team-oriented game for SHoulder, ARm and BAck DEvelopment of players. Combines elements of basketball, soccer and hockey. Ideal for physical education curriculums or weight training classes. Also caters to those with lower-limb disabilities, such as providing therapy for amputees. Game equipment includes large plastic scooters (red or blue), two goals, two goal nets and game balls (four recommended). Players lie on their stomachs to maneuver scooters around a court, using only their hands and arms to propel movement. Playing surface is about the same size as a basketball court, with a goal placed at each end. Each team includes six players, plus a goalie who guards the goal net (6 ft. wide by 3 ft. high) at each end of the court. When referee drops the ball between two opposing players, each team attempts to advance the ball down the court by rolling or passing it to their teammates, without the opposing team stealing the ball. Scoring occurs when ball is shot or thrown into opposing team’s goal, outwitting the goalie stationed to block the ball. Arm movement used to roll the scooter across the floor or dribble the ball is similar to a swimming stroke. Optional accessories range from practice nets to adaptive leg straps. Mulry Manufacturing LLC, Indianapolis, Ind.