The Ridge functions as a stand-alone climber, integrates with traditional play structures, or connects decks on companion PlayBooster structures. Contains various pathways of steps and handholds, ready to accommodate climbers of many abilities and ages. Looks like actual rocksurface even has embedded fossil imprints. Made from glass-fiber reinforced concrete, over a steel frame. Measures 6 ft. high, 61/3 ft. long, and more than 6 ft. wide. Withstands 1,500 p.s.i. in tension and more than 5,000 p.s.i. in compression. In addition, surface gets increasingly harder over time. Lasts for decades, conquering adverse weather and extreme temperatures. Available in light or dark tones to complement site. Shipped in 1 piece. To install, just use a forklift to place structure on prepared surface.

Landscape Structures, Inc., Delano, MN