WaterStax Golf Course Package treats wash water generated by golf courses. Package includes BioSystem components that handle high organic content in wash water; Hydroscreen for separating grass clippings, leaves, and other greenery; and a cart for disposing of grass-laden water typically found in golf course wash bays. Advanced bio-technology with aerobic bacteria controls odor and degrades total petroleum hydrocarbons (TPH), herbicides, insecticides, and pesticides. Air Stick raises the dissolved oxygen content of wastewater, maximizing bacteria digestion rates. High-density, polyethylene tanks resist chemical fatigue and ultraviolet exposure, and provide 600-gal. process capacity. Cone-bottom tanks offer a 60-degree slope to enhance settling and removal of suspended solids in the wastewater. Time-controlled purge system automatically removes sludge and flushes system with treated water for maintenance.

Water Maze Water Treatment Systems, Camas, WA