Arena Volleyball enables elite-level play in multi-use facilities where floor sockets or anchors cannot be used due to ice rink refrigerant lines, portable flooring systems, upper floor locations, or other constraints. Has no loose ballasts or extended framework. Totally self-contained on individual rolling bases for fast setup and tear-down. Moves on dual-rear and single-front, 8-in.-dia., 2-in.-wide, non-marking urethane casters.Will not slip or slide on any court flooring, including wood, synthetics, or tile. A 26:1 worm gear winch and 2-in. tension strap provide tight net tensioning and eliminate backlash. Auto Track spring-assisted telescoping piston allows net height adjustments between 80 ins. and 98 ins. Safety padding comes in 12 school colors and can be lettered with program name or ordered with digital graphic package that includes logo, mascot, and team name. Padding does not need to be removed to transport or store. Complete system includes 2 bases with 2 swing-up officials’ stands, competition Kevlar net with storage bag, antennae, safety padding, and net rope covers. Also meets NCAA, National High School Federation, and United States Volleyball Association standards.

Bison, Inc., Lincoln, NE