Mobi-Mat RecPath forms an instant, ADA-compliant pathway for pedestrians, disabled individuals in wheelchairs and vehicles ranging from bicycles and strollers to ATVs or motorcycles. Ideal for parks, beaches, trails, special events and other applications. Can be installed on any type of ground surface, such as sand, grass, snow or gravel. Made of polyester mesh, in a choice of weights. Two workers can quickly install an 82-ft.-long roll of matting for temporary or permanent needs. Complies with environmental regulations. Prevents ground damage due to pedestrian or vehicular traffic. Conforms to the ground without cracking or creating tripping hazards. Requires little or no maintenance—just use a broom, blower or high-pressure power washer to remove dirt and debris from surface. Comes in two colors: white or white with blue stripes. Portable helicopter pads and amphibious landing ramps also available. Deschamps Mat Systems Inc., Little Falls, N.J.