When it comes to innovative playgrounds, wetter is better. SprayGrounds are large, concrete padsno standing waterthat feature water jets, showers, geysers, tumble buckets, shower tunnels, fog jets, downspouts, super soakers, water cannons, and more. FunFlo valves enable children to turn water flow to the feature on and off using a large red handwheel. Omnipod in-ground components allow switching of above and below-ground features to refresh set-up of water stations. Lightweight fiberglass structures will not rust or corrode, stand up to rough play and severe weather conditions, and are easy to restore and renew. Recirculating water system features hydraulic control of flow rates and volumes; uses larger water nozzles for stronger sprays and sheeting. Sanitation Protection uses sanitizing agents to keep water safe and clean. Assorted packages include water features, skirt, and mounting hardware. Customer is responsible for piping and installation. Custom colors and logos are available.

Rain Drop Products, L.L.C., Ashland, OH