SuperTable outdoor pool tables play just like indoor felt-covered tables but are resistant to weather extremes, fading, mildew, and rot. Playing bed uses marine-grade olefin polypropylene fabric over 58-in. high-impact, high-density, fiber cement substrate that will not warp, buckle, or twist. Tested up to 185° surface temperature and down to -45°. Chassis uses 7 fiberglass pultrusion cross members welded to 2 fiberglass side rails for support, stability, and uniform strength. Substrate secures to chassis with 18-in. stainless steel bolts and waterproof poly-grip adhesive. Billiard rails are durable Dupont Neoprene profile molded rubber. Each foot includes leveler. Weighs 325 lbs. Maintenance involves waxing fiberglass fascias and cleaning playing surface with mild soap and water. Cover table when not in use to prolong life. Accessories include ping-pong conversion top with net and brackets; switch top with ping-pong/air hockey sides; standard billiard kit; dining top cover; and weatherproof cue rack. Regulation 312-ft. by 7-ft. size (51 ins. by 9112 ins. outside dimensions) complies with World Billiard Congress of America standards. JPJ International, Sanger, CA