Multi-parameter photometer electronically measures chlorine or bromine levels, pH, and optionally, alkalinity. Offers an alternative to test strips and visual color blocks. Unlike conventional systems, results are not dependent on personal visual judgment or lighting conditions. No powders or liquids to spill. Foil-packed reagent tablets are stored with 2 test tubes and a crushing stick, ensuring precise results. To use, mix reagent tablet with a water sample in test tube, place tube in the instrument and select test from menu button. Performs color measurement electronically at the press of a button. Instantly displays precise chemical concentration on a 2-digit LCD display. Measures chlorine within 0.1- to 5.00-mg.-per-liter range, bromine within 0.1- to 9.9-mg., pH within 6.8- and 8.4-mg., and the optional alkalinity test measures 10- to 500-mg. To take blank readings, press B button.

Palintest USA, Erlanger, KY