DEET-free BugBand insect repellents contain Geraniol, a natural ingredient extracted from geranium oil, that has been proven effective through testing by the University of Florida in repelling mosquitoes, house flies, stable flies, horn flies, cockroaches, fire ants, fleas, gnats, dog ticks, lone star ticks, and no-see-ums. Pleasantly scented vapors deter blood-sucking insects from biting. Available in Wrist Bands (shown) that are worn on the body or clothing; Towelettes that can be carried in pocket or purse; Pump Spray liquid that applies directly to skin or clothing; Bead Bags to repel insects in cabinets or closets; Spray-a-Jell to lay down barriers on indoor and outdoor floors and surfaces; Animal Bedding Insect Repellent; and Playground, Yard, and Garden Insect Repellent, a granular mix of corn cob and Geraniol oil to spread around outdoor areas where people gather. Child-safe and environmentally friendly alternative to products containing DEET. BugBand, Inc., Cartersville, GA