Series ADF-3700 aggregate pedestal drinking fountains feature optional Sanifrost freeze-proof valve system that has no weep hole or pump system and keeps water flowing in cold weather. Fountains feature chrome-plated, dual brass bubblers locked to stainless-steel receptors; vandal-resistant push-button valves with adjustable flow regulation; 18-gauge, stainless-steel receptors with chrome-plated brass drain plugs; stainless-steel supply fittings connected to code-certified reinforced tubing; inline mesh screen strainer; vandal-resistant access plates; and 1…-in. dia. PVC waste line. Pedestal is mounted on stainless steel plate. Barrier-free access meets ANSI-117.1-1992, CMHC, and ADA guidelines. Available in bold Colorama or subtle Quiet Creek aggregate finishes. Optional Sanifrost (FPS) system also suits high-water table applications or sites with inadequate drainage. Prevents cross contamination of water supply with ground water. Stern-Williams Co., Inc., Shawnee Mission, KS