CineBox Outdoor Cinemas pre-connected audio and visual components allow anyone, regardless of knowledge or skill, to successfully produce outdoor movies in 5 mins. To use, inflate the screen, place the speakers on included stands, and press play on the built-in DVD player and 1,800-lumen (or brighter) digital projector. CineBox accepts most media formats, including on-site video feed, video game systems, laptop computers, laser shows, and VHS players. Available with 12-, 16-, or 20-ft. inflatable movie screen. Two custom-built, rolling cases house components and self-powered, 200-w. (or better) speakers. Depending on CineBox size, a duffel bag or third rolling case houses the inflatable movie screen, anchoring stakes, and speaker stands. Low-noise fan keeps screen inflated. Screen withstands winds up to 24 m.p.h. In case of emergency, screen may be deflated in 20 secs. by opening velcro hatches.

Open Air Cinema, LLC, Orem, UT