At the Milwaukee (WI) County Zoo, grounds of the kangaroo habitat were overgrazed and severely eroded. To renovate the 20,000-sq.-ft. area, zoo officials selected BlueYellow, an all-in-one lawn establishment system that combines seed, fertilizer, and mulch. “We explored many different ways to establish turf, but decided on BlueYellow as the easiest, most logical option,” says Karl Hackbarth, operations manager at the zoo. “We knew seed would wash away, and sod wouldn’t work because the area is mostly shade and all the varieties in this area require full sun.” With BlueYellow, a roll of biodegradable, cellulose matting, which serves as the mulch, contains the precise amount of seed and fertilizer. The matting holds seed in place throughout the germination process, resulting in uniform growth. To install, workers just unroll the mat over prepared soil. Then, under continued exposure to sunlight and an ample amount of water, the mat’s cellulose substrate decomposes slowly. Within four to six weeks, by the time the new lawn sprouts and is ready for mowing, the matting completely degrades. “A group of only about six people installed BlueYellow in a single day,” Hackbarth adds. “We watered it as necessary and within five weeks, we were able to reopen the space to kangaroos.” Thanks to BlueYellow, the kangaroos have received a healthy, long-lasting pasture of sod-quality turf, which helps the animals stay cooler and provides increased grazing opportunities. In addition, the kangaroo habitat now boasts refreshing green space for enhanced visual appeal to zoo visitors. BlueYellow comes in a variety of seed mixes, tailored to suit the growing conditions of specific regions. The matting discourages weed growth, plus ends the need for adding messy, straw mulch that may harbor weed seeds. BlueYellow, LLC, a Subsidiary of Georgia-Pacific Corp., Brunswick, GA