Nexus play structure attracts and challenges the “tween” generation of young people who are 7 to 14 years old. To promote healthy exercise and fun, complex curves and angles appeal to a pre-teen’s sense of style, interest in science-fiction movies and cyber-culture influence. Centerpiece of structure is Nexus Core, which offers sliding poles, climbers, perches, hammock nets, rock faces and sliding rails, all framed by three climbable gantry posts. Overall size is about 20 ft. long, 9.5 ft. wide and 10 ft. high. Add Velocity component to encourage kids to quickly maneuver each set’s perimeter without touching the ground. Velocity Rock Climb ‘N’ Slide, available as an attachment to structure or as a stand-alone model, combines rock climbing and slides via banister rails and a textured rock face with handholds and footholds. Another component, Nexus Whizzer, has an oval-shaped platform that lets one child rock and spin or accepts a pair of riders who face each other in a seesaw configuration. PlayPower Inc., SMP div., Huntersville, N.C.