As part of a growing trend, many schools are seeking healthy alternatives to carbonated beverages and high-sugared juices for a-la-carte lunch programs and vending machines. In addition, new laws and rules are mandating that many school districts review their cafeteria menus to help battle a rise in obesity among Americas youth. To provide a refreshing and nutritional drink for school lunches, Bravo Foods International Corp., based in North Palm Beach, FL, is aggressively marketing its Slammers line of vitamin-enriched, flavored milk. For instance, the firms Slim Slammers, a 1% low-fat milk, surpasses national nutritional guidelines. Offered in Chocolate Fudge or French Vanilla flavors, Slim Slammers boast half the calories and half the carbohydrates of regular milk, plus one-third more calcium. To meet schools nutritional guidelines that may mandate serving only 1% low-fat milk, the company is also converting its popular Pro Slammers line from 2% to a 1% formula. Available in four flavors (Hard Chocolate, Strawberry Jolt, Vanilla Rage, and Coffee Slam), Pro Slammers are fortified with 10 vitamins, along with twice the protein of whole milk. For visual appeal, the milks packaging pictures Extreme Team athletes engaging in action-packed sports, such as skateboarding. Each 16-oz. container also offers an extended shelf life (up to 8 months). Slammers milk is currently nourishing students at 46 schools in Florida, as well as one large state university. The line is also sold at more than 20,000 retail stores nationwide.

Bravo Foods International Corp., North Palm Beach, FL