Thermoplastic alloy markers blend with turf to be invisible from the tee, yet on the fairway protrude just above turf level so yellow or white numbers are visible from 15 to 18 yds. in any direction. Placed consistently on each fairway and near adjoining rough25 yds. apart and 4 yds. inside first cut of rough on both sidesmarkers give golfers immediate and precise distances to center of green from anywhere on the hole. Using system can reduce playing time up to 40 mins. per round. Markers measure 10 ins. in dia. Withstand sun, heat, and chemical exposure, and collapse and bounce back whenever mowers or golf carts drive over them. Groundskeepers can choose from 3 systems of fairway markers in original green and traditional red, white, blue, yellow, and black. Installation kit includes turf cutter and pound plate. Flat, glue-down cart path markers and customized par-3 tee markers also are available.

Kirby Marker System, Carlsbad, CA