Gladiator weather- and vandal-resistant bin consists of heavy-gauge galvanized steel, powder coated with a green finish. Inner liner, made of galvanized steel, holds more than 11 gals. Bin has no holes in the sides, top or front. Won’t attract vermin or allow child access, plus prevents odors from escaping and rain water from infiltrating interior. Built-in chute prevents disposal of large trash items and acts as a fire stopper by cutting off oxygen supplies when closed. Drop-down front allows sanitary emptying of bin. Also lets worker see contents of bin, thus helping to avoid health and safety hazards such as discarded needles. Includes pole for mounting bin on surfaces or in the ground. Select from disposal bags on a roll or with a strap that allows one-at-a-time dispensing. Aluminum bins also are available. JJB Solutions Inc., Alexandria, Va.