Watertoys add interactive, zero-depth spray parks to existing water parks or serve as stand-alone attractions in community parks, campgrounds, zoos and other areas. Safety-minded products feature tactile, rounded forms with no protrusions or entrapment hazards. Made from composite and specialty plastics, backed by a lifetime warranty against corrosion. Covered with a five-coat finish that protects against scuffing, UV degradation and chalking from exposure to chlorinated water. Components spray water in a variety of patterns—horizontally, vertically, circular and more. Choose from an array of water activities, such as towering tubes, tunnels, slides, seesaws, fountains and water bikes. Selection also includes whimsical designs and animal shapes, ranging from squirting frogs or whales to oversized flowers that spray water. Add Baby Bungee shaded structures to let babies kick their feet in shallow water, while parents relax nearby. Individual activities do not require complicated foundations or embedded anchors for installation. Just bolt activities to pool slab after establishing water connection. Components also can be easily removed, relocated or renewed to update spray parks. Empex Watertoys, Uxbridge, Ontario