Ever since Cobb County (GA) opened its new indoor recreation centers three years ago, the countys Recreation Dept. has had to battle high chloramine levels in the pools. Chloramines, compounds formed by the reaction of chlorine in the water with organic substances such as sweat and urine, linger in the air around the pools, causing eye and respiratory irritation. We dubbed combined chlorine The Monster, says facilities manager Bob McCallister. We tried everything to combat it. First we increased ventilation and air circulation around the pools. That didnt work. Next, we tried dilution by dumping more water through the filter. That helped to reduce chloramines but not eliminate them. It also went against our philosophy of minimizing water waste. Finally, the recreation dept. installed UV. water treatment systems from PurAqua Products, Inc., Rock Hill, SC. Within a week, chloramine levels began dropping, reducing combined chlorine levels from 2 parts per million to nearly zero. As an added benefit, the UV. treatment destroys chlorine-resistant bacteria and viruses in the water. The smell was disappearing, and complaints from swimmers and guests were fewer, McCallister says. The Monster was slain.

PurAqua Products, Inc., Rock Hill, SC