WingWall offers the movements and choices of actual rock climbing to teach balance and build strength. Ideal for playgrounds or physical education programs. Each WingWall measures 6 12 ft. tall and 8 ft. wide, providing a climbing surface on both sides. Core structure consists of heavy-duty galvanized steel, while surface and top are made of rotationally molded, UV-stabilized polyethylene. Every WingWall has two parts: a base section in the ground and a pre-assembled climbing wall that accommodates four to six climbers per wing. Kids climb through and around the structure, using movable holds for their hands and feet. Heavy-duty hand rings, made of forged aluminum, allow movement from one wing to the next, creating a natural maze that can be explored for hours. Although each wall is mounted on a central pole and clamped into position, playground staff can change the climbing layout at any time by unlocking and reorienting the wings. Galvanized-steel locking plates allow secure repositioning to change configuration and revitalize the climbing experience. Each WingWall contains 32 LedgeLoc holds, by which a locking pin engages a socket to prevent the holds from spinning. Multiple sockets permit reorientation of holds without compromising safety. Brewer’s Ledge Inc., Boston, Mass.