Enhance playground fun with a choice of 2 climbers—the larger Pinnacle model, or smaller-size Pointe. Each structure resembles the look and feel of natural rock. Detailed surfaces boast various fissures, handholds, and climbing routes to let child select challenge level. Surface even includes embedded fossil designs for a realistic touch. Structures serve as independent play events, integrate with companion PlayBooster structures, or form clusters to create playground centerpieces with intricate tunnels and archways. Made of glass fiber reinforced concrete, a durable material that gets even stronger with age. Won’t burn, splinter, or crumble, plus withstands harsh climates. Pinnacle structure measures 84 ins. high and 102 ins. wide. Can connect with 40-, 56-, or 72-in.-high play decks. Pointe structure stands 68 ins. high and 84 ins. wide. Features a broad, flat top that lets up to 7 young climbers relax and enjoy high-rise views. Connects to companion 40- or 56-in.-high decks, or links with Pinnacle to expand climbing experiences. Deck extensions provide a safe and secure transition from structure to deck surface. Installation takes less than 1 hr.—just prepare sub-base, use a forklift to move 1-piece climber into position, and add safety surfacing. Landscape Structures, Inc., Delano, MN