Ideal for children of all ages, Whirlwind Climber exercises a youngsters physical and mental abilities. Provides access to play decks, without using ladders or bridges. Instead, keyhole-like structures twist skyward, adding new challenges to traditional climbing. Single climber can provide free-standing access to play structures deck, or multiple climbers can be combined to create a connector between decks. Either configuration requires children to use their arm and leg muscles to travel up, across, and through the climber, plus draw on cognitive skills and imagination to plot their next moves. Built-in footholds offer multiple climbing options, while handholds and molded ribs likewise add safe, supportive fun. Climbers come in 5 heights, ranging from 24 to 72 ins. Plastic body offers a choice of 10 colors, while steel center post comes in 16 powder-coated colors. All structures adapt easily to existing playgrounds.

Playworld Systems, Inc., Lewisburg, PA