The City of Concord, CA, and Mount Diablo Unified School District have joined forces to create the El Dorado/Westwood playfields. To create the joint-use park, the district contributed land adjacent to a middle and elementary school. The city built 10 acres of soccer and baseball fields and walking trails. During school hours, the park serves students. After hours, it serves the public. Two buildings from Romtec, Inc., Roseburg, OR, serve as integral components of the park. SierraTM III multi-use buildings provide 4 ADA-compliant, single-user bathrooms and a separate concession area. A maintenance room runs down the center of the building, keeping plumbing and other hardware away from would-be vandals. A Concrete Utility Building features two storage areas, one for recreational gear and one for grounds maintenance equipment.

Romtec, Inc., Roseburg, OR