Install CarpetDeck mats over wooden gymnasium floors to provide a seamless, protective surface for fundraisers, graduations, and other on-court events. Also provide temporary flooring for other sensitive surfaces in public facilities, including tents and military field operations. Multi-layer construction features sound-absorbing carpet top, polyester and woven-fiberglass center, and PVC backing that prevents slippage. Each mat measures 40 ins. wide, 78 ins. long, and in. high. Lays completely flat and smooth on surface, while accommodating heavy loads. Provides safe alternative to tarpswont wrinkle or pose tripping hazards. Needs no tools to install or removejust place mats on surface and slide into place. Stackable design fits on companion cart for transport, or on pallets for compact storage. Select from 4 colors: gray, blue, dark brown, or chestnut brown.

Signature Fencing and Flooring Systems, LLC, New York, NY