Splashpad offers a zero-depth aquatic solution that combines the sensations of different water movements, such as flowing, misting, sprinkling and jetting, with a choice of more than 200 play activities. Serves as a stand-alone play area or complements existing indoor or outdoor swimming pools. Features age-appropriate splashbays such as Discovery Bay for toddlers, Action Bay for high-energy teens and Adventure Bay for family play. Each splashbay couples engaging water movements with interactive and passive play to lead participants from one activity to the next. As play progresses, water movement varies and activities operate in a series of intervals, thereby preventing boredom and ensuring that there is never too much or not enough water in structure at one time. For example, Water Quest play event begins with spinners that trigger water movements ranging from light sprinkles or sprays to distinct showers. Next, a series of sprays creates a curvy water tunnel, providing fun obstacles to go over, under or through. The event concludes with oversized flowers that slowly fill with water and then dump the refreshing, collected water onto participants. Create custom configurations with a wide range of play components—water towers, bucket brigades, foaming geysers, ground sprays, animal-shaped water cannons, activation bollards in the shape of fire hydrants and more. Companion Command Center provides automated controls for water flow, spray sequences, intervals of operation and other functions. Choose from systems that recirculate water or use potable, nonrecyled water for play activities. Vortex Aquatic Structures International, Montreal, Quebec, Canada