Wind, water, and wedging wage a constant battle in the bunkers. How do you keep sand traps playable and free from erosion, puddling, dirt, and debris? TrapMaster erosion control, nonwoven, polyester-fabric blanket absorbs and holds sand in place like a magnet, even on 60 slopes. Backed with spunbound polyester, TrapMasters dual layers prevent washout, block weeds, prevent sand from leaching downward, and stop dirt and pebbles from migrating upward to the sand layer, while keeping rain and irrigation water draining. Stabilizes bunker slopes without constant repair. Blankets roll out, cut to fit, and install with sod staples and air-powered stapling for seams. Load 3 to 4 ins. of sand atop fabric, rake out, and the bunker is ready for play. Non-biodegradable fabric comes in 6-ft.-by-50-ft. roll and covers approximately 300 sq. ft.

TrapMaster Products, Wrens, GA