Park Tracks Customer Service Calls

The Naperville, IL, Park District has implemented a new customer response software to receive, track, route, and resolve service requests and complaints, capture key customer information, monitor service performance and enhance responsiveness.

The software, Active Customer Response 2.0, is by Active Government Solutions, a software technology and marketing solutions provider to local governments.

Designed to improve the management and flow of customer request information from a city's call center or front office, to its back office or operational site, Active Customer Response provides an efficient solution for capturing, managing and resolving service requests and complaints any time of day. The software, based on industry-standard, leading technologies and compatible with MS SQL and Oracle databases, was developed with extensive feedback from municipalities to reflect their unique requirements. It offers workflow tools that enable cities to manage escalation procedures such as designating case owners, defining task owners, and establishing estimated time frames for task completion to deliver efficient resolution and eliminate risks of service failures. The product was also developed to integrate tightly with ESRI's geographic information system (GIS) software, used by 200 of the largest U.S. cities and 60 percent of counties and municipalities nationwide.

At Naperville Park District, the staff fields more than 100 calls each day from residents. While many calls can be handled right away, others, such as reports of damaged playground equipment or the opening of a new facility, may need follow-up. Previously, Naperville Park District didn't have a tracking system for determining how or if issues were resolved. Using Active Customer Response, Naperville staff can now track the customer request or complaint, provide a history of the issue, record the person who spoke to the resident and track the status of the inquiry. "It's taking customer service to the next level," said Mark Campbell, community development director, Naperville Park District. "Each step along the way is documented so we aren't reinventing the wheel. We're also saving residents time they're able to speak with one contact and gain the confidence their request will be handled efficiently."

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