A recent GPN-American City & County poll on standing desks in the office shows that more than half of the 314 voters (52 percent, 163 votes) said they don't currently work at a standing desk. Even so, roughly 39 percent (122 votes) agreed with this statement in the poll: More of my co-workers will be doing their jobs at standing desks in the future.

Furthermore, 25 percent (79 voters) said workers at standing desks should get a discount on their health insurance premiums. In the interview below, Mark Mathson talks about trends and health benefits he sees in standing desks. Mathson is Product Solutions Director at Stand Modern. The Bozeman, Mont.-based firm offers adjustable standing desks and accessories to increase workers’ productivity, health and happiness.

GPN: Are more offices/workplaces installing standing desks now?

Mark Mathson: Absolutely! It is commonplace to see workplaces putting sit-stand adjustable desks into use as they see the boost in productivity and morale of staff. In our experience working with corporate, government, and education organizations, it is clear that management is seeing an investment in standing desks as a positive initiative across the board for everyone. One of the firm's featured standing desk styles is shown below on the left. It is a WorkFit-T from Ergotron.

GPN: Will more offices/workplaces start using standing desks in 2016?

MM: Yes. More offices and workplaces will install standing desks in 2016 and beyond. As the health benefits and productivity research of using an adjustable standing desk continue to become more well known and accepted throughout organizations, it is common sense to provide these to staff.

GPN: Are standing desks a healthy alternative to government workers and other workers?

MM: It shouldn't be viewed as an alternative. Sit-stand workstations simply give the option to sit or stand while working at a desk. The biggest challenge offices may face now is how to integrate standing desks into their environment. The good news is that there are many options that exist today to fit into virtually any scenario. Going forward, as developments in the industry continue, we will see a further increase in the options available. It is a win-win for both the organization and the staff, considering the boost in productivity as well as the health and morale benefits.

GPN: Thank you, Mark Mathson, for your views.


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