Feb 04, 2015 11:19am

Rural EMS faces its own emergency

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Viewpoint: Looking to cut costs? Take a good look at consolidation10

By M. Scott Sotebeer — Eliminate bureaucracy and save millions through shared services....More
Jan 17, 2012

Editor's Viewpoint: Recovery trickles up from local government

We need to prepare for the next several years by assessing our cities' and counties' economic viability because that affects the states as well as....More

Viewpoint: Lessons learned while adjusting retiree health benefits1

By Lynna Soller and Steve Burrows — Tempe, Ariz., adjusted its financial obligations to retirees last year, but the changes did not come easily....More
Dec 20, 2011

Editor's Viewpoint: American solutions to American problems

Jobs, health care, infrastructure and housing are problems that will not be solved by taking sides....More

Viewpoint: Building code adoption, enforcement trends suggest decreasing safety

By Ralph Dorio — Reduced attention to building codes means reduced safety for new homes and businesses....More

Viewpoint: Unleash the wisdom of money managers

By Eric Zoetmulder — With help from eProcurement technology, procurement officials can be more effective leaders in state and local governments....More

Viewpoint: Don't close the book on Chapter 9

By Patrick Shea and Emanuel Grillo — Filing Chapter 9 bankruptcy can be frightening for city officials, but it does help to resolve conflicts....More
Nov 09, 2011

Editor's Viewpoint: The 'hang in there, baby' economy

The protests from the middle class are the results of knowing the system isn’t working for them....More

Readers' Viewpoint: Do government pensions draw employees?

American City & County asked readers if they thought public sector pensions and retirement benefits would continue to draw new employees....More

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Derek Prall is a professional journalist who has held numerous positions with a variety of print and online publications including The Public Manager magazine and the New Jersey Herald. He is a 2008...

Jason Axelrod

Jason Axelrod is an award-winning journalist who has reported for The Seattle Times, The Arizona Republic, the Phoenix Business Journal and Mother Nature Network, among other outlets. Jason...
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