Sourcing Software Serves SD Board of Regents

The South Dakota Board of Regents, which includes six public universities and two schools serving special K-12 populations, recently implemented sourcing software. In the first month of implementation, the group hosted over 120 solicitations for goods and services. By late March 2006, BOR had posted nearly 200 solicitations and approved over 700 supplier registrations.

"With SciQuest's Sourcing Manager, we emerged from a cumbersome, mostly paper-based process to an efficient online system," says Darby Ganschow, Director of Purchasing at the University of South Dakota. "Since implementing, we have streamlined our procurement processing time and can now offer a much larger pool of vendors from which to purchase necessary goods and services."

The bid management solution streamlines the creation and issue of bid requests, supplier response submissions, and awarding of bids. By providing a single platform for managing all sourcing activities and information, BOR minimizes costs and time delays associated with creating, packaging, and distributing bid documents.

BOR also has the ability to conduct reverse auctions, allowing suppliers to view the current low bid offered by competitors in real-time.