BidSync, an American Fork, Utah-based software developer, is offering its ProcurePointe purchase-to-pay solution that is designed for city, county and state government agencies. The product enables government entities to manage their purchasing needs in a single, comprehensive solution deployed as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).

The product offers real-time visibility, so governments can instantly see the status of their budgets at any time, even from cell phones. It meets the needs of government agencies from requisitioning to reporting.

“ProcurePointe enables chief procurement officers and other managers to effectively control absolutely everything, from sourcing to receiving, with transparency and real-time knowledge of all tax-dollar spending as it occurs, which helps keep budgets under control and cuts out maverick spending,” said Sabrina Stover, CEO of BidSync. “Because it is SaaS-based, procurement officers can access the system, including executive dashboards, securely from any web browser — desktop or mobile device. This freedom and control can dramatically impact how agencies manage e-procurement processes.”

The product offers e-procurement management in a system designed to control all procurement spending, while offering instant visibility. It leverages user roles within an agency to ensure that only authorized individuals have access to the system.

“For any government agency looking to better manage their entire procurement process, BidSync ProcurePointe handles the complex demands of audit trails, transparency, increased spend visibility while maintaining a secure data structure with ease and efficiency,” Stover said. “Chief procurement officers and other managers are empowered with something that was nearly impossible with traditional procurement methods — instant visibility into the entire process.”

The software provides for the following:

• Requisitioning: The process is as easy as completing an order online, according to the company.

• Approval management: The product simplifies and incorporates all types and levels of approval processes.

• Purchase orders: Once a requisition has passed the approval process, it is automatically converted into as many purchase orders as needed.

• Budgeting: The system enables real-time visibility of budgets and amounts remaining with a dashboard view.

• Receiving and inventory: It easily tracks and knows where the assets are stored. The system combines receiving with invoicing, so users receive a full two- or three-way matching to ensure they are only paying for what has been received.

• Invoicing: For accounts payable teams, the system can automate all the steps in invoice processing from invoice entry and exception processing to invoice approval and accrual reports.

• Reporting and dashboards: With real-time graphical views, the system’s executive dashboards provide critical insights to spending management performance, vendor performance, liquidity and more.

BidSync connects a network of vendors and suppliers to government agencies and organizations in need of products and services with its products. The company provides solutions to more than 1,000 active agencies and more than 700,000 vendors nationwide.