The University of Georgia’s (UGA) Carl Vinson Institute of Government, in cooperation with the UGA Center for Continuing Education, has expanded its portfolio of governmental finance courses. Purchasing, a self-paced online course, is the latest addition to the course portfolio following the July 2012 launch of introductory budget and revenue administration courses.

“By continuing to expand our online offerings, we’re helping government employees all over the nation to improve their knowledge and skills in governmental finance,” said Tracy Arner, program manager of the Vinson Institute’s Financial Management Training Program. “We anticipate the new purchasing course will have broad appeal to public servants who want to expand their abilities in the vital procurement function.”

Topics in the purchasing course include alternatives for organizing the purchasing function, a step-by-step breakdown of the purchasing process, methods for obtaining competitively priced goods and services, essential documentation to support purchases and purchasing ethics.

“Last year almost 500 people registered for government finance courses, and this year we’re on pace for a substantial increase in registration,” said Pam Bracken, department head of special projects and curriculum development at the UGA Georgia Center.

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