Telework Week 2013 takes place March 4-8. This is the third-annual global effort to encourage government agencies, organizations and individuals to pledge to telework any time from March 4-8. Go here to sign up and to determine your agency’s impact and savings.

For the 2013 Telework Week, people who pledge are expected to save an average of $66 per day, which equates to an annual savings of $3,300 per person. The estimates are based on the 77,000 people, government agencies and companies that have already pledged to be a part of Telework Week 2013 (and that number may grow as Telework Week gets closer).

Last year, more than 71,000 pledged to take part in Telework Week 2012. Participants saved $5,651,890 on commuting costs; they gained back 251,774 hours into their day and removed 3,453 tons of pollutants from the air, while refraining from driving 6,413,006 miles.

Go here for more information. Telework Week is a global initiative from the Mobile Work Exchange, Cisco, and Citrix.