In an effort to prevent heart disease, the Georgia Department of Human Resources Division of Public Health (DPH) has launched an online service to help residents in eight counties identify their risk factors, such as how they eat, exercise and how they manage stress. MyHealthVillage, which seeks to lower rates of diabetes and obesity, combines the online services with onsite biomedical screenings and resources delivered to the work place for companies that enroll with the program.

Funded partially by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, MyHealthVillage is a "holistic approach" to public health, according to DPH acting Director Sandra Ford. "Georgia faces a high prevalence of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity," she said in a statement. "When these conditions are combined, they reduce our citizens' quality of life, hurt the productivity of our workers and raise healthcare expenses for our employers."

More information on MyHealthVillage is available at DPH's Office of Health Behaviors Web site

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