At Robins Air Force Base, located in Warner Robins, GA, airfield surfaces were recently strengthened with anti-ram protection. Four taxiways received an Active Cable Barrier System (Cable Trap RSS-2015CT), which prevents vehicle impact along airport and airfield taxiway gaps, as well as other areas not suited to the installation of permanent fences or barriers. The system mounts flush with each airfield surface, ready to provide 200 to 400 ft. (or more) of protection. For the Robins installation, the barriers protect a 235- to 405-ft. area. Taxiways can convert from an open (down) position to a closed (armed) mode in 15 secs. or less. Retracted barriers can support heavy aircraft, including 747 models that weigh 913,000 lbs. Operate through manual controls or master control panel. Other applications for the barriers range from nuclear facilities to parking lots of stadiums.

Robotic Security Systems, Inc. (RSSI), Panama City, FL