Indoors and out, GEN 2 scanner offers a fast and discrete way to locate concealed objects on individuals, without requiring subjects to stand still. Ideal for detecting explosives, weapons, contraband, stolen electronics, gels, bottles of liquor, thick packets of currency and even frozen food. Can be used alone or as part of a multilayered security solution at entrances or exits. Capabilities include capturing images from unattended locations or triggering lock-down procedures when detecting explosives or weapons. When deployed in two-camera configurations, subjects walk through screening area. Detects concealed objects in about 0.5 second and alerts operator. While stationed at remote site, security guard can view location of hidden object by observing event icons and detection boxes on full-motion video images. Works through passive millimeter wave imaging. Won’t emit harmful radiation to pose health risks. Does not reveal person’s anatomical details to violate privacy concerns. System digitally archives images for later review, analysis or evidence. Overall size is about 33 ins. high, 13.5 ins. wide and 13.5 ins. deep. Brijot Imaging Systems Inc., Orlando, Fla.