Ground mobilizers, or wheel sets, attach to front and rear ends of shelters and containers to quickly convert units into movable vehicles for high-speed highway travel, aircraft loading with limited vertical clearance, and off-road deployment wherever needed. When not in use, 2 wheel sets attach to one another to create 4-wheeled unit for trailering or storage. When needed, 2 ends are separated and maneuvered into position at both ends of shelter/container where locking twist pins, bolts, or other clamping devices secure wheel sets. Once attached, mobilizer uses individual onboard, hydraulic, push-button power units to pivot each wheel set and lift container off the ground without fork truck or other hoists. Self-contained, extendable, heavy-duty trailer wiring and brake hoses connect 2 axles, with waterproof junction boxes and links to towing vehicle for brake and lights operation. Stabilizer bars limit sway. Air-ride suspension protects sensitive equipment and supplies. Three configurations of all-terrain mobilizers with GVWRs of 15,600 to 30,000 lbs. are available.

CIGNYS, Saginaw, MI