Designed for the U. S. Army to fix damaged tents, liners, and tarpaulins at remote sites, MCH-1000 Battle Damage Repair Kit also restores aircraft wing surfaces. Ideal for a variety of related wire harness repairs, including those involving soldering or de-soldering. Features lightweight heat gun that can reach temperatures up to 1,100 F. Built-in motor and fan provide hot air flow of 2.66 c.f.m. Also comes with rechargeable, 48-v. battery pack that weighs just 10 lbs. Select from various nozzles and tools for plastic welding and overlap applications. Can be used around fueled vehicles. Meets military standards for operation in explosive atmospheres, such as those containing N-Hexane or JP-5 aviation fuel. Price: $3,495 and up, depending on nozzle type.

Malcom Hot Air Systems, Portsmouth, RI