Certified by the Transportation Security Administration, Model CTX 9000 DSi detects known explosives hidden in luggage. Large tunnel opening accepts large and standard-size luggage, including elongated bags. Onboard conveyor (1 m wide) integrates with airport’s baggage handling system, allowing luggage to proceed smoothly and quickly from passenger check-in to sorting operations. As conveyor moves each bag through machine, the system creates a scan projection X-ray image. Uses computer algorithms to compare densities of objects inside luggage with those of explosives. If detecting potential explosive, system sounds alarm to operator and displays object on screen. Locates and identifies threats through color coding and symbols, plus offers different viewing options. Operator can view onscreen image to determine if real threat exists and then follows established protocols for threat resolution. Equipped with closed-circuit air conditioning that ensures reliable detection in varying airport environments. Central data-management functions let operators save and print reports and images. Available with many options and accessories, ranging from networked viewing stations to image archiving. GE Security Inc., Newark, Calif.