Mobile Defensive Fighting Positions (MDFPs) consist of stand-alone shields that protect the military, anti-terrorism teams, security guards and others who may respond to gunfire or terrorist attacks. Person standing behind shield receives instant, head-to-toe protection from bullets, blasts and dangerous fragments, including armor-piercing weapons. Offers 12 sq. ft. of viewing area, which enables user to observe situation, return gunfire or call for assistance. Also serves as a shield to rescue injured soldiers from combat zone. Each MDFP travels on ATV-style tires that allow movement over rough terrain, including gravel, dirt roads or grass. Can be loaded onto trucks for fast deployment at desired location. Product line also includes MDFPs with caster wheels for traveling over smooth pavement, as well as stationary models that protect diplomats and other at-risk individuals. Available on GSA contract. Defenshield Inc., East Syracuse, N.Y.