America's 30-million veterans have a valuable new resource: the world's first networking portal for American veterans -- designed by veterans themselves. The Web site,, is styled after popular social networking sites like

The free site provides a virtual space online for US Veterans to send messages and befriend one other, find old service buddies, create personal profiles and homepages, share photos in digital photo albums, interact in forums and online clubs, learn about benefits, participate in polls, and read current news articles on veterans' interests.

While the site offers a tiered membership system, the basic membership is available free of cost to all veterans, immediate family members, and registered auxiliaries. Veterans National Radio, Inc has pledged to donate a substantial percentage of funds raised by paid membership packages on to aid national veterans' causes.

" is a means of giving back to those who fought for our country. It will provide a place for old friends to reconnect and stay in the loop of current veterans' events and news, while supporting veterans' charitable causes" says Roland Zuercher, CEO of Veterans National Radio, Inc. and co-founder of

Veterans' posts, districts, and even veteran retirement homes are also represented on the site, enhancing communications between existing veteran communities with internet facilities like email, instant messaging, and forums.

"As more veterans and their families join USVetSpace online, we hope to achieve an increase in connectivity between veterans' real-world communities while garnering the public's support of veterans' issues," says Zuercher. "The magic of the Internet is the ability to include US veterans and family members from all around the world in one strong, supportive, and connected community, and to make our voices heard."

More information can be found at and Veterans National Radio, Inc.'s website