According to Purvis Systems, the contracts are valued at a combined $36.7 million.

The larger of the two contracts was issued for NUWC Code 25 Laboratory Operations and Maintenance Services, in which Purvis will provide operational, technical and engineering services in support of the facilities, systems and laboratories assigned to the Fleet Installation and Facility Management Branch of the Undersea Combat Systems Department. The facilities include the Trident Life Cycle Support Facility, the Combat Control Systems Laboratory and the Combat Systems Technology Laboratory.

According to Purvis Systems, the contract is expected to be complete by Aug. 27, 2012, and is valued at an estimated $35 million. Purvis Systems noted that it will serve as the prime contractor for the project, with key supporting subcontractors including Lockheed Martin Tactical Systems, Advanced Solutions For Tomorrow Inc. and Gryphon Technologies LLC.

Tasks assigned to Purvis Systems under terms of the Code 25 contract include system- and subsystem-level preventive hardware maintenance, laboratory modification and upgrade support, planning, installation and removal of SSN, SSBN and SSGN equipment ships sets, media center operations and technical support to the U.S. Navy submarine fleet, including diagnostic, troubleshooting and installation/removal procedural guidance.

Second contract calls for program management, engineering services

The second contract calls for Purvis Systems to provide program management and engineering services in support of NUWC’s Ranges, Engineering and Analysis Department (Code 70). Project management services will include financial tracking, document management and meeting support. In addition, PURVIS will deliver engineering services such as software and algorithm development support, software test verification and validation, test planning and logistical test support for major research and development test and evaluation programs.

According to the company, the contract is expected to be complete by July 19, 2009, and is valued at an estimated $1.7 million. Purvis Systems will serve as the prime contractor, with subcontracting services provided by Northrop Grumman and Sakonnet Technology Group.

According to NUWC's Web site, NUWC “is the Navy's full-spectrum research, development, test and evaluation, engineering and fleet support center for submarines, autonomous underwater systems and offensive and defensive weapons systems associated with undersea warfare.”