The reassuring message, "I may not be here physically, but I'm with you in spirit," is visually conveyed by "Flat Daddies," which are life-size photo enlargements of soldiers deployed abroad.

To create the photo enlargements, a durable material was required, as well as finding the type of printer that can enlarge a photo to life-size dimensions.

Fortunately, SFC Graphics, based in Toledo, OH, stepped up to the plate and is offering free Flat Daddies to the immediate families of deployed soldiers. Other family and friends can receive a Flat Daddy for $40, plus $10 for shipping. SFC Graphics is fulfilling Flat Daddy requests with its 72-in.-wide ColorSpan inkjet printer.

The soldiers' photos are printed on LexJet 55 Intermediate Adhesive Vinyl, a durable, inkjet-receptive material donated by LexJet. Headquartered in Sarasota, FL, LexJet is a nationwide provider of digital color imaging products.

According to Eric Crockett, SFC Graphics' business development manager, SFC has printed "armfuls" of Flat Daddies so far. The company is also working on spreading the word to other military families across the country who would like a free Flat Daddy. Interested invididuals can visit the Website created by SFC Graphics: for more information.

Crockett is also seeking donations and sponsorships to help offset the printing and shipping costs so the offer can continue.

Elaine Dumler, the originator of the Flat Daddy concept and author of the books, "I'm Already Home" and "I'm Already Home...Again," provides a Flat Daddy history as well as further information and resources through her Website. Visit: to access the information.