The new EquipmentWatch INDEX has been issued, and it includes a quick look at price, volume and age trends observed during June 2015.

The monthly INDEX is an information tool that fleet professionals use to track critical heavy equipment benchmarks. When they use the INDEX, fleet professionals can make knowledgeable heavy equipment decisions around price, market share and equipment age metrics.

INDEX reports are available to members of the EquipmentWatch community. To receive these reports regularly, just provide your e-mail address at this site to receive the EquipmentWatch INDEX in your e-mail inbox every month.

The latest INDEX shows the following highlights that EquipmentWatch researchers observed over the past month:

--Construction Equipment: The volume for construction equipment in the East has grown significantly with an average increase of 18.2 percent.

--Lift Trucks: The average age for lift truck equipment decreased from last month. The average age is now 9.7 years across all types.

--Agriculture: This category showed enormous growth, bouncing back from previous low months with an average increase of 44.0 percent in asking price, and a 54.9 percent increase in volume.

--On-Highway Truck: The majority of the U.S. showed pricing decreases during June for the commercial truck market. This coincided with the average age on the resale market rising.

Samuel Giffin, Industry Analyst at EquipmentWatch, offers this additional insight on the construction equipment marketplace. “Prices in June generally dropped across the United States, with the exception of Ohio and West Virginia.” Giffin says the age of models in the major equipment types increased by an average of 6 months in auction markets, but decreased slightly in resale markets.

In the lift truck market, Giffin says that Texas led the U.S. in market growth, increasing 64 percent in price and 74 percent in market activity compared to the month before. Giffin says average prices rose across most of the western states and fell in most of the states on the East Coast.

In the on-highway truck market, Giffin says the average heavy-duty truck at auction was almost 4 years older than in May. He says the average truck at auction was nearly twice as old as the average truck on the resale market in June.

EquipmentWatch produces database information products for the construction equipment industry and provides heavy construction research. The data provider serves more than 15,000 professional, high-volume users of construction, lift truck, agricultural equipment and truck data.


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