Your efforts and membership have contributed to NIGP's legacy…building a world in which public procurement practitioners are highly regarded members of a respected professional order.

Established in 1944, NIGP is an international not-for-profit educational and technical organization member association. The Institute is composed of 77 affiliate chapters, one student chapter and more than 2,400 agency members representing federal, state, provincial and local government levels throughout the United States and Canada.

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New Agency Members

Arkansas Department of Community Correction

Beaumont ISD, Texas

Bossier Parish School Board, La.

Capital Region Housing Corporation, Alberta

City of College Park, Ga.

City of Inverness, Fla.

City University of New York Facilities Planning and Construction Management

District of Columbia Department of Real Estate Services Contracting and Procurement

Garfield County, Colo.

Lansingburgh Central School District at Troy, N.Y.

Lee's Summit R-7 School District, Mo.

Macon State College, Ga.

Oklahoma Educational Television Authority

Oregon State Police Procurement Services Unit

PowerStream, Ontario

University of Kentucky Purchasing Division

Individual Members

Kathy Ambrose, CPPB, Ky.

Vicki Boswell, Calif.

Roger Chambers, N.Y.

Paul DeBarros, CPP, PMP, MBA, Ontario

Effel Desrosiers, Fla.

Matthew Donley, CPPO, Ore.

David Drabkin, Washington, D.C.

Cindy Fay, Ga.

Jeffrey Fishman, CPPB, N.Y.

Samuel Garcia, Texas

Laura Hakes, Ind.

Mary Hammer, CPPB, Ariz.

Erin Henderson, Va.

Lenore Horos, Pa.

Elizabeth Lowe, CPPB, British Columbia

Marina McCarthy, Ontario

Lynn Meihm, Ontario

Diane Mendez, Ga.

Amanda Phillips, CPPB, N.Y.

Mark Richman, Fla.

Penny Robinson, Fla.

Miles Rosner, Va.

Randy Rossi, R.I.

Alan Sibert, CPPO, C.P.M., Ga.

Kiyunda Smith, Washington, D.C.

Ivory Swain, Fla.

David Taylor, Calif.

Sarah Vidal-Finn, Fla.

Clarice Wilson, N.C.

Jay Yoho, Ohio

Retired Members

Kendal Capaz, CPPO, CPPB, Fla.

Daine Carlsen, CPPB, La.

Linda El-Shamy, CPPB, FCCM, Fla.

Student Members

Casie Beran, Va.

Terrell Davis, Va.

Brittni Furrow, Ariz.

Fernando Gonzalez, Ontario

Robyn Humphrey, Okla.

Steven Mollon, Ontario

David Moore, N.C.

Caprecia Murphy, Fla.

Raul Perez, Fla.

Myra Schenemann, VCO, Va.

Gloria Simmons, Va.

Angela Williamson, Fla.

Lifetime Members

Lula Banks, CPPO, CPPB, ED.D., FCPA, PCPM, Fla.

Marion King, CPPO, CPPB, VCCO, Va.

James (Jim) Moody, Ga.

Gus Roberson, CPPO, MBA, Ga.

Michael Scanlan, CPPO, CACM, Minn.

David Woodall, CPPO,CPPB, Ontario