Monitoring system

Emerson Network Power

Liebert Nform 2.0 monitors IT support equipment in real-time, using an Ethernet network and Web technology to provide and manage alarms for cooling and power systems. The software can be installed on a workstation and accessed on the computer's desktop. It includes large icons that detail the status of devices, including normal, alarms present and no response. Additional data — such as alarm management, notification updates and device diagnostics — also can be printed or saved. An alarm filtering function helps provide immediate response to critical events.
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Security film


LLumar is a clear film that prevents confidential information sent through wireless and “free-space” electronic communications from being accessed through building windows. Using metal and metal oxide layers, the film acts as a transparent barrier that allows light to pass through it. The film also protects agencies from radio frequencies and other electronic signals from equipment such as cell phones, hard drives, PDAs and Bluetooth devices.
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Blue-White Industries

The BW Digi-Meter F-2000 line features eight-digit LCD displays with up to four decimal positions. The units can be programmed in the field using front-panel touch pads that include security lockouts. The line is comprised of four models, including Model AO, Model PC, Model AP and Model RT, that offer a variety of functions, such as analog output, flow rate alarm, proportional chemical metering, flow rate and totalizer. The Model RT also can be battery-powered. Custom calibration units are available.
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The Insta-Valve Plus is a seat wedge valve that stops flow in 4“ to 12“ pipes, including potable water mains, wastewater force and gravity mains. With a bronze stem collar and a heavy-duty valve stem, the unit can be used with the company's existing equipment or as a stand-alone system. The valve includes a compression-molded seating surface and a centering plate for positioning control.
Contact: (800) 538-7867

Grounds Maintenance

Bird repellent


The Repeller is a solar-powered bird deterrent that can be used to prevent large bird species from landing on various surfaces. The unit features adjustable rotating rods that are mounted on top of the unit and cover an area up to 5' in diameter. The rods operate by turning constantly at 30 RPMs. The unit's solar panel is used to power a brushless motor that also stores energy. It can be affixed on flat or angled surfaces.
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Public Works

Drum rollers


The BW211-40 line of single-drum vibratory rollers are manufactured for compacting granular, mixed and semi-cohesive soils. The line includes the BW211D-40 smooth drum roller and the BW211PD-40 padfoot roller, and both models are powered by a four-cylinder, water-cooled Deutz diesel engine. With a 66-gal. fuel tank, the units have a high-positioned engine air intake to increase filter life. A panel alerts operators to oil pressure and brake control problems. A swivel seat and compaction measurement and control systems are optional.
Contact: (309) 853-3571