The spring clip is a simple way to record handsfree with the MUVI K-Series camera by attaching the MUVI K-Series unit to the clothing.

The unit’s spring clip has been designed to be small and lightweight, with a strong clasp, so users can be sure the camera is secure at all times. The clip allows users to have full access to all the buttons. The clip also enables users to see the LCD navigation screen on top of the MUVI K-Series. A photo of the model is below, on the left.

The K-Series spring clip is a simple versatile mount that is suited for a variety of uses, such as law enforcement, security, surveillance and cycling. Use it for all activities where you want to attach the MUVI K-Series to clothing or a utility vest.

The camera has a small and sleek form factor. It measures only 6 x 4 x 2.3 centimeters. The unit’s K2 XA-7 Achilles chipset extends video options for filming with a top specification of 1080p @ 60 FPS using 19Mbits/sec. The unit also records high definition 1080p video at 720p at 120 FPS. The camera also has settings to enable broadcast-quality video capture for professional use.

The K2 captures stills at 8, 12 and 16 megapixels, and it comes equipped with photo burst mode that allows users to take up to 10 photos per second, which is suitable for trying to achieve the perfect action shot. The unit has a 180-degree rollover feature. If you are mounting/attaching the K-Series upside down, the footage plays back the correct way up.

The camera comes ready for water activities. It includes a waterproof case capable of operating at depths of 100 meters (330 feet). It is bundled with the unit’s detachable LCD screen, 8GB memory and helmet front mount. The unit is packed into a reusable protective carry case.

Go to this site for more information on the manufacturer.

In the video, see how the MUV K2 NPNG enables handsfree video capture.


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