Editor's note: View Government Product News preview of GovSec 2013. The conference will include exhibits from vendors of threat detection, cybersecurity, surveillance, emergency notification, HazMat and other security products.

Having lived in Boston for 10 years, the bombings that took place earlier this week hit particularly close to home for me. Events such as this attack, or the Sandy Hook shootings last December, remind us that there are a lot of heroes who sacrifice their own safety to help others and work closely together to respond to emergencies. These first responders come from federal, state and local agencies, the military and National Guard, businesses and even caring citizens, who rush in to help however they can.

The randomness and unpredictability of attacks makes it imperative that our nation's security professionals, law enforcement agencies, first responders and private industry are well prepared to prevent attacks and to execute a robust response when they occur.

GovSec 2013, as well as TREXPO and CPM East, (May 13-15 in Washington, D.C.) exist to ensure that security professionals can stay current on the latest threats — from the lone-wolf terrorist on U.S. soil to international cyber threats and everything in between — and access to the latest training and technology they need to save lives. Our goal is for individuals to take proven strategies and tactics back home to keep their communities safe.

Don Berey, CEM, is senior event director for GovSec 2013.