TUCSON – Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer recently signed a bill limiting the state’s use of traffic enforcement cameras on highways and roads. According to a News 4 Tucson report, for current cameras to remain in place, or for new ones to be installed, law enforcement agencies must confirm a legitimate safety concern that an existing or potential camera would help mitigate.

The Arizona Department of Public Safety was unable to give American City & County an accurate number on how many traffic light cameras are currently in use in the state, reporting that different law enforcement agencies act independently and contract with various different companies to operate the cameras. The new bill mandates that law enforcement prove cameras are a benefit to public safety before present contracts to continue operations are renewed. 

In a statement to News 4, Tucson City Attorney Mike Rankin said the city would comply with the new law by providing the necessary data for Tucson’s single traffic camera, located on Highway 77. Rankin said he “believes that this information will demonstrate the positive impact that these systems have on public safety.”