Funding Options Harvest Savings, Efficiencies, and New Opportunities

A new thought leadership paper, produced by the Center for Digital Government and underwritten by Hyland Software, NIC, Noki, and SAP, advises government administrators and decision-makers how to make the right choices about information technology and implement such solutions in the public interest.

"Prove IT: The Disciplines of Harvesting Value from Public Sector Information Technology" is the fourth paper in a series to address how government can begin to think in new ways about using technology. Government will always face finite resources and infinite demand. "Prove IT" discusses how government can harvest value to meet current obligations more efficiently while freeing up resources to fund new priorities.

The case studies and examples in the paper demonstrate how government can use technology to generate savings. For example, roughly $154 is saved per transaction completed through an electronic form versus a paper form.

A 10-step process focuses on how to take a disciplined approach to the stewardship of public investments in information technology.

For further information about the thought leadership paper or to request a complimentary copy, contact Julie Arndt via phone: 916-932-1406 or e-mail: The paper can also be downloaded free of charge at: